19 jul 2014

The Future is coming

Hello folks!, its been a long time since I've uploaded something here, and now that the future is coming, it's time.

CYNTOPIA - A Cyberpunk Tabletop Game

Welcome Edgewalker,
I am Cynthia, Human Relations V.I. for Cyntopia and I'll be your guide. 
Feel free to ask me any questions, I'm programmed for all your needs.

Within the next weeks I'll be updating you step by step with all there is to know about Cyntopia and giving you, the user, the privilege to witness the future.

"Cyntopia - The future is now" is a cooperative Cyberpunk tabletop boardgame with simple and action packed combat, featuring detailed character miniatures, fully customizable maps and much more.

The future is waiting for you Edgewalker, are you ready?"

DeadEye Concept Art

As promised, Edgewalker, it is time for more information.

>>> requesting data
>>> downloading content
>>> opening _deadeye.jpg

Codename: Deadeye
Class: Long-ranged combatant
Rumors: During the last war she was part of Matsumoto-Black special task force and on a confidential mission. The mission was a success but Matsumoto-Black Corp. never had in mind to let squad and intel fall in other hands. As it turned out the rendezvous point was an ambush. Half her squad was wiped out, she and the other survivors barely made it out. Afterwards she appeared on the Grid for the first time and started her carrier as an Edgewalker.

Would you like to know more?


2 ago 2013


Hola!, I have some prints up in fineartamerica.com, go and put some life to your walls!!


31 jul 2013

I don't really know what to put here....

 Hello folks!, bunch of stuff today some sketches and my last illustration, wich I had a lot of fun doing, hope you like it!, cya soon!

Warmup Sketch

Prince of the sayans (kakarooooot!!!)

Been playing deadpool game, okay gameplay, but it's a very funny game

Brain fart

Illustration Idea

Serpieri line study

This was the first sketch I did for the cyberpunk character for the Illustration.

Cyberpunk Illustration I did for fun

Had a lot of fun doing this, learned some tricks and polished my skills, still long way to go but I had a blast doing this.

Oh, I did it for this xD, to use as portrait on Shadowrun Returns hehe.

16 jul 2013

New stuff!!!

Small update, changed some things here and there on the blog, also added a portfolio banner with my updated carbonmade portfolio, go check it out!

4 jun 2013


Some stuff I've been doing, lately I'm getting tired of doing Illustrations, and I left doing concept art studies long time ago due to Illustration work, now I want to get back into it, man... I love it, I suck, but I definetly love it, hopefully I'll do lots of these and I'll get better, so bare with me, cya soon!!

4 feb 2013


So, new Star Wars movie coming, possibly in 2015, with J.J. Abrams on the wheel, I'm exited about it, hell, as long as George isn't involved on the movie I'm exited, hehe, but in all seriousness I think he'll do a great job, allready did with Star Trek so I think he can take our beloved SW to the next level.
With all that said, hope you enjoy my little Luke Skywalker vision, my hopes are that they take something like this and not another young guy, I'm hoping on watching a good old school style mature character, I don't think that's going to happen but there's nothing said yet, so we just have to wait and see.
Until next time guys!, may the force be with you!.

3 feb 2013

I'm back!!!

For some reason blogger is not working well for me, but managed to make it work!, so I'll start updating again!, lot of work lately so I'll do my best to post often, and for now here's some art for ya! ;)

31 ago 2012

CYPHER: a cyberpunk text adventure!!

Is out pople!!!, this great game made by my dear friends Carlos and Javier Cabrera, with the awesome art of Carlos, a cyberpunk text adventure like you never seen before!!!, It even has a 4 titted prostitute!!! 1 more boob than Total Recall!!!, check it out and support them! it's DRM-FREE! Indie games FTW!!!!


30 ago 2012


Ok, here we go again, posting on this forgotten place, I'll try to update more often, I think allready said that hehe, but anyways here is some stuff, hope you enjoy.

Mr Panthro

Cyber dude

I think she will need some good batteries to cloack that thing.

Some good ol' post apocalypse Illustration.

Anime style thingy.


Unfinished sketch.

Some dude being there like "yeah, I'm cool, so what".

Soldier dude sketch.

Character concept, still working on it.

Tough dude.

One of my favorite superman scenes.

So my pc crashed while doing this, It was almost finished, this one is not xD.

Maravilla Martinez!!

Like tears in the rain.

25 mar 2012


Updating!, sketches and some other stuff =D
Figurative gesture from imagination.

Batman Sketch


Illustration Sketch

Playing around


Ship Concept

Comic style test

Smithy!, not safe!!