19 jul. 2014

The Future is coming

Hello folks!, its been a long time since I've uploaded something here, and now that the future is coming, it's time.

CYNTOPIA - A Cyberpunk Tabletop Game

Welcome Edgewalker,
I am Cynthia, Human Relations V.I. for Cyntopia and I'll be your guide. 
Feel free to ask me any questions, I'm programmed for all your needs.

Within the next weeks I'll be updating you step by step with all there is to know about Cyntopia and giving you, the user, the privilege to witness the future.

"Cyntopia - The future is now" is a cooperative Cyberpunk tabletop boardgame with simple and action packed combat, featuring detailed character miniatures, fully customizable maps and much more.

The future is waiting for you Edgewalker, are you ready?"

DeadEye Concept Art

As promised, Edgewalker, it is time for more information.

>>> requesting data
>>> downloading content
>>> opening _deadeye.jpg

Codename: Deadeye
Class: Long-ranged combatant
Rumors: During the last war she was part of Matsumoto-Black special task force and on a confidential mission. The mission was a success but Matsumoto-Black Corp. never had in mind to let squad and intel fall in other hands. As it turned out the rendezvous point was an ambush. Half her squad was wiped out, she and the other survivors barely made it out. Afterwards she appeared on the Grid for the first time and started her carrier as an Edgewalker.

Would you like to know more?


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